PreScience Labs


PSL-001 is part of a patent portfolio fully and exclusively licensed from Johns Hopkins University. PSL-001 is one of a new class of drugs that targets the tumor glycolysis pathway. This pathway is a signature of cancer cells and is a hallmarks of cancer. Tumor glycolysis has been exploited for diagnostic purposes (PET imaging) and is now being explored for therapeutic intervention. One of the key enzymes in tumor glycolysis, GAPDH, is the primary target of PSL-001. PSL-001 irreversibly binds to GAPDH resulting in a multi-prong assault on cancer cells, ultimately leading to their death. The predominant effect of this interaction is the profound depletion of ATP, depriving the cancer cells of any energy. Because glycolysis is the dominant metabolic pathway in cancer cells, those cells are acutely sensitive to any disruption of that pathway. In addition, because normal cells do not rely on glycolysis, but rather on oxidative phosphorylation for their energy needs, disruption of glycolysis is highly specific to cancer cells. The combination of high sensitivity and specificity makes targeting tumor glycolysis highly attractive. Through its ability to inhibit GAPDH, PSL-001 has proven extremely effective at shutting down the energy-producing capabilities of cancer cells which in turn destroys them. PreScience’s core technology and patent protection relies on both the novel PSL-001 compound, specific systemic formulation options and the targeted regional delivery of the drug, thereby treating only the cancer. PSL-001 will be further evaluated in PreScience sponsored Phase I studies to begin enrollment in 2015.